Thursday, October 30, 2008


Dentophobia: The fear of dentists

I went in today to be fitted for my crown and was reminded of a few more of my pet peeves and general frustrations. I don't know if this is as prevalent in your life, but I have had my fair share of dentist visits with double digit fillings, 4 root canals, & four crowns...not numbers that I am proud of. Unfortunately, I feel somewhat like an experienced patient. I hate almost everything about the dentist. These are the top 5 reasons why I dread the dentist.

#5. The taste left in my mouth is terrible. Not minty toothpasty fresh....more of a toxic cleaner masked with a mint flavor.

#4. I leave their office and my teeth, gums, and entire jaw all hurt. They didn't necessarily hurt when I walked in. Shouldn't the idea of dentists be that they make you feel better?

#3. They tell me my gums shouldn't bleed...well, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't if they hadn't just jammed floss between them so hard that they carved right into them. I bet the same would happen to them if I sliced into open flesh with a strong piece of string.

#2. I get berated by the techs and the dentist about how I don't brush or floss enough. I don't share my opinion about how they should lay off the donuts and cookies. I politely keep my mouth shut about their growing waistlines and depreciating appearances....while they are allowed to hammer me about my dental leave me alone. I brush twice a day and floss once every other week (at best). I will not change my routine.

and the #1 reason......

#1. Why must the dentist or tech ask me questions when I have 8 pieces of hardware sticking in my mouth? Not only is my mouth open so far that my lips are tearing, but you have a water line, a suction thingy, a mirror, a drill, a set of fingers, and/or a very sharp pick in my mouth all at the same time. Not to mention the two sets of beady eyes staring down into my mouth at a very clausterphobic distance. Now is NOT a time to ask questions or start small talk. My concerns during that moment are not gagging, not gleeking, and not whimpering from the pain they are causing. Somehow I feel this should be obvious to them. Grrr......


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Anonymous said...

Rachel, I can totally sypmathize with you. I have had my share of dental agony. I should probably schedule again but as I am not in pain currently I am not going! I do not like going places where I need an aspirin afterward just because I have been there.

LJFredricks said...

I have often wondered when I am laying there,Why?
Why do they need to use my chest to lay thier tools, are there no trays?
Why do they ask all these questions when it is obvious I can't talk.
WHy do they say a little pressure when I get a shot? It is a needle in my mouth it will hurt be honest.
Why can't they play more interesting music?
Why can't they hang interesting pictures or posters on the ceiling so I do not have to look at those stupid drop ceiling tiles (15 1/2 in my current dentist office btw).
I do like my current dentist though and I will tell you why. They talk and gossip about eachother WHILE they are working on me. Unprofessional, yes but interesting!!

Anonymous said...

I found this blog through your recipe for french toast bake and it was FANTASTIC!!!! I agree with on every single item and would add that people who say I seen, also need a little lesson in the English language.. Really a fun and enjoyable read even if it was from a few years ago.

Thank you


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