Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fia's Funnys

Sofia has always been quite articulate. She began speaking quite early and has since been making me laugh on a daily basis. Just a few examples are:

1. When she was about 1 1/2 she tipped over a container of crayons. I asked her if she tipped it and she said "no". Then I asked her if she was lyin' and she responded with a very loud "RRROARRRR!!"
2. "Mommy, singing is just not your gift"

3. "Mommy has to go to the blood-er store. That's where she gives her blood"

4. "I have big guns (muscles) and you have short ones"

5. When she was first potty training...."I made a BIG stinky and a small stinky and they can be friends just like me and Stella are friends!"

6. "Mommy, stop being a wuss"

7. "They're not in the east lands, they're just my cousins!" (about her cousins with the last name Eastland)

8. "I'm not clever, I'm just a girl!"

9. When asked if she wanted toys or clothes for her 3rd birthday, she responded with "I just want brownies"

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