Friday, October 31, 2008

Hurray for Halloween!

The day was filled with activities and fun. Fia began her day with her cousin Henry and accompanied him to Fredrick Meijer Gardens. Stella wore bunny ears most of the day.

I thought she would take them off immediately, but she kept them on all day.

A dark haired Cinderella...with a birthday crown

Stella Bella Bumble Bee!

Fia and her cousin Grant. She decided that a blue ribbon in her hair would be more accurate. Nevermind the fact that Cinderella is not Asian. Maybe Mulan would have been easier for her to pull off.

My two girls!

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Eva said...

Halloween with your kids really looks like fun ;o)
You created an awesome blog- so cute!!
Hope you are doing good. Say hi to your family. I´ll try to send you an email with all the news about Babsi´s wedding, my new job.... I hope I won´t forget...


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