Sunday, November 9, 2008

Best Sleeper Ever

I realize how spoiled I was with Fia in that she has always been a great sleeper. She must get this from me because I also love to sleep. Even when she was 2, she would stop her activity and ask to take her midday nap. It usually goes like this "Mommy, I'm going to shut my eyes, okay?"....and....she's......out. This process literally only takes seconds. She has never fought her tired state and has always drifted blissfully into her dream world. It really doesn't even matter what position she is in.

Always been a great car sleeper

Not only is her leg hanging over, but her face is smashed against the mesh guard (complete with drool seeping through) and she is holding onto a plastic basket.

Peter worked so hard and made her an awesome fort to watch her movie for quiet time. He didn't realize that Aristocats is the most boring movie on I don't blame her on this one.

This was a few days ago when she was waiting for Peter to pack a few things up. This was a "I'm just going to close my eyes a minute" moment.

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Nick said...

Rach - I love it! She's awesome. Re: Dora - Henry's the same way about clothes, the loudest,most obnoxious (reference the orange and red Car's shirts)are his favorite. Whenever I shop for him (rarely)and I see something awful I have to take a second look, because I know that's exactly what he will want. -Nick


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