Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Ever Emerging Emo

There is an new culture of youth emerging in today's society. I don't want to sound like an old frightened lady when I say this but "I am terrified of what my children will have to face when they get a little older" I am talking about the Emos. Emo began as a subgenre of hardcore punk music in the 1980's. It has since morphed into a subculture of fashion and music. According to Emo fashion, males and females dress the exact same. It consists of tight jeans and dark hair that is cut with long fringe bangs which are then combed so they sweep and cover 75% of the face. They also typically sport studded belts, t-shirts supporting their favorite "underground" emo bands, and some sort of skater shoe or beat up sneaker. One more feature is the use of eyeliner...or shall I say guyliner. This is another issue I will address very soon in a later post. My point is that I understand freedom of expression and the desire to be unique. But do we need to go to such extreme measures to appear like a punk kid who hates authority? Oh wait, maybe that's the point....they're just so misunderstood. GAG. Grow up, get over yourself cause your not that important, and stop being a victim. Oh, and get a tan while you're at it because that guyliner and dark hair washes you out. I'm so annoyed (again....I know, sorry)

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Momof4 said...

I dressed punky for a while as a teen, you know, the whole depressed misunderstood thing. Now I like to drive by kids like that in my minivan filled with 4 kids, hockey gear, soccer balls, backpacks and lunch boxes, toot my horn and yell out the window, "I used to look like you. Look what you'll be like in 15 years. Tee Hee!" Eventually we do all grow up and become productive members of society. Oh wait, look at Madonna. Nevermind.


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