Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gold Stars and Spousal Points

Peter and I have this ongoing joke where we each secretly search for ways to earn "Gold Stars" & "Spousal Points." Gold Stars are smaller deeds a husband or wife can earn because of doing small selfless favors. Spousal Points, however, carry a little more weight because they require more sacrifice and thus are harder to earn. This might seem silly, but all you married people know that you do it too. Here are a few random examples:

Gold Stars
1. Peter quickly jumps in front to open doors for Rachel....or Peter drops Rachel off right at the door and parks the car because he knows there will be a long walk.

2. Rachel makes Peter a most delicious sandwich without Peter asking....or Rachel pours Peter's morning coffee and continually refills the cup until the coffee is gone.

Spousal Points
1. Peter goes with Rachel shopping and patiently waits while Rachel tries on 8 versions of a dress that's pretty much the same. He doesn't complain, roll his eyes, or check his watch. He even makes positive comments to Rachel about how each one looks. Sometimes he'll even go to several stores and repeat this dreaded time consumption even when he knows that Rachel will buy the 2nd dress she tried on....the one he told her she should buy. But during this entire time, Peter is thinking like every man...."Woman! They all look the we buy a dress more inefficiently....this is torture....I'm starving....I want a sandwich....someone please shoot me now" This situation would earn him serious spousal points.

2. Rachel patiently and quietly rides with Peter while he drives around to look at several neighborhoods and various real estate properties because that it what he loves. Rachel does not complain and even occasionally shows interest in various properties and sometimes even dials the listing number on the sign to find out more details about specific properties. Even though Rachel is thinking "Holy Hannah...get me out of this car before I puke because of the constant stop and go....I hate looking at real estate....they all look the same ....are you seriously making me dial this phone number, I don't care, why can't you do it.....why are we spending all this time when this property isn't even going to be for us!...I'm hungry....someone please shoot me now" This, my friends, is another example of big time spousal points.

Well, in the last month or so...I would say that Peter has been a Gold Star and Spousal Point superstar. He has been taking care of me and the girls full time and has allowed himself almost no reward. He has been with me for all my procedures, ER visits, and late nights of pain. He is constantly running to the pharmacy for me. The first thing out his mouth always seems to be "How are you doing? Can I get you something? What can I do to help?" He understands "in sickness and in health" and is honoring that to its fullest because the past few months have definitely been "in sickness". So you go, you've earned them. Thanks, I love you.

Please Note: Gold Stars and Spousal Points are only for fun and should not ever be used in an argument. The acts of kindness that are done in order to receive Gold Stars and Spousal Points should always be done because you wanted to make the sacrifice and you do not desire or expect anything in return.


Lesley said...

very cute are putting my blog, and all other blogs I know to shame...are you getting these ideas out of a book...seriously. Very cute and way to go Peter!

baorao said...

Do you deduct points when he sighs louder than normal? Because that is what I do when Lauren and I go shopping for things that don't interest me. And if we're in a department store I pretty much do everything a child would do short of playing hide and go seek in the circular pant racks.

but I don't complain verbally, and that seems to be enough.

also, I totally keep track of my points in hopes that I can trade them in for stuff. So far they seem to have slightly more value than skee-ball tickets at Chuck E. Cheese.

Rach said...

I actually had a huge and separate section on point deductions, but then my post was a novel. I might post about deductions a bit later....I guess I was trying to stay positive. And yes, sighing would be grounds for point deduction...unless you could prove the sigh was directed at other factors of the shopping experience that did not involve the significant other.


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