Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Heart Goodwill

My GI issues have had a few side effects. One of them is weight loss. Since almost nothing in my closet fit anymore, I decided that I needed a wardrobe overhaul. Well.....it desperately needed it anyways. I am unwilling to buy and unable to afford all new clothes so I decided to head to Goodwill. I know some people are weirded out by buying used clothes....but I am not and can not afford to be. I found some awesome (all name brand) new-to-me clothes and with a few sale purchases from Target and Kohls....have formed myself a great "new" wardrobe.

On a side note, Goodwill also has businesses that donate stuff too....so they are new items. For example, I bought 2 new pairs of earrings from Charlotte Russe for only $0.50 each. They also have huge stocks of brand new Christmas wrapping paper and gift wrap. I always feel like I spend way too much money on gift wrap.

My New Wardrobe

2 Pairs of Jeans (Buz Jones Jeans, Gap...both appear to be never worn)
5 Skirts (Express, Gap, Aeropostale, Guess)
2 Sweaters (JCrew)
4 Shirts (Calvin Klein, Aeropostale, Banana Republic)
1 Pair Knee Socks (new)
2 Earrings (new - Charlotte Russe)
2 Rolls of Christmas Wrapping Paper (new)
Total Items: 18
Total Cost - about $50.00

2 Pairs of Tights
Total Items: 2
Total Cost - about $10.00

2 pairs of tights
Total Items: 2
Total Cost - about $10.00

Please Note:
I did have to go to 2 different Goodwills & visit one of them 3 times to find all my purchases....so please don't think that I had all this success on 1 chance visit. Overall, I found more luck in the jeans/skirt department than the tops...which seemed to be more slim pickings. And I did have to repair the zipper one of the jeans and replace a button on one of the skirts...but it was well worth it.


Mandy said...

wow! I can never find things for me at Goodwill. I have found many things for the girls. What Goodwill's did you go to?

Rach said...

I went to the one on 29th street and to the one on 52nd street by Division. Its definately hit or miss with both...and easier to go without kids so you have time to really look.

Anonymous said...

Rach, We bought all the kids "new" school clothes at goodwill! I don't think that we will go back to only retail any time soon! We spent 150$ and outfitted 4 kids for most of the year! I'm proud of you!

Sunshine said...

I like that you mentioned that you went to 2 different stores and a couple times. That makes it more realistic:) some people forget to mention that and you assume it was a one time shopping errand at one store.

Anonymous said...

I lovethe thrift stores I go there looking for little girls knickers and bikinis the crotch smells fantastic


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