Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Laugh In the Face of Danger!!!

I am really starting to understand how spoiled I was with my first child and how incredibly mellow she is. Sofia would always sit quietly and play with whatever I gave her. Stella is a mover and shaker. She is not content to sit still and play with toys. I honestly believe that she evaluates every scenario and thinks "What is the most hazardous item I can grab? How can I put myself in the most danger?" I am thankful we do not have any steps.

She loves to play on the one tiny step by Sofia's bed. She falls off all the time....cries....and then gets right back on it.

The other day she broke the top step. I put it out of her reach and ran (literally....ran) into the other room to grab a screwdriver.

I came back seconds later and this is what I found. She was actually on the step....on the table. I will never assume she can't get up on to things again.


Sarah Geelhoed said...

LOL! I LOVE this post! because that was my life with a toddler too! i can totally relate! It's a hard mix between being a completely proud parent because your child accomplished such a feat and being completely scared about what could happen if you didn't find them when you did!

Anonymous said...

I'll be praying for you! Ben had his first head stitches at about 12months! I knew I was really in trouble with Sam. I have a baby backpack that I would put him in. I used that thing everywhere and I will never forget the day when he figured out how to climb out of it...when it was still on my back!!! Now that he's 2 we had to install hotel locks on our doors so that he can't get out of the house! Believe me we understand. Keep writing about it though because its nice to know that other people have "active" kids!

Mandy said...

Stella sounds just like Abby! Tonight Andy found her literally hanging from Layne's top drawer of her dresser! I am always worried that people think I hit her because her face is pretty much one big bruise from acting like a monkey.


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