Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Curse

I made a short trip to Meijer tonight to pick up a few items. This is always a feat for me now that Stella is older and happens to be the squirmiest baby on earth. No, she will not sit in the cart or on my hip. My only option is to strap my Tazmanian Devil in the Baby Bjorn. By the time I have grabbed my few items, Stella is flailing her arms, kicking her legs, and trying to somehow wiggle out of the carrier. Its time to leave. My real problem arises when it is time to chose the checkout lane. Why is it that every time I go shopping I choose the worst checkout line? It seems that no matter what tactic I use, I always end up in the lane with a price check, jammed receipt paper, employee in training, or the arthritic lady writing a check. Sometimes I think I can avoid the wait and quickly change lanes before I have to unload, but then complications arise in the new lane and I would have been better off staying put. This is my curse.

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Nick said...

Hey Rachel - Stella sounds a little bit like Henry. Especially at the store, if you hold your breath and keep moving and allow him to get in and out of the cart or let him push you can usually you can get through the shopping part. But then you get to the dreaded "waiting in line part" and then it goes down-hill. I've had him dart out of the store while I'm trying to gte my change from the cashier! Take care -Nick


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