Friday, November 21, 2008

On the Line

Everyone has a moment in their life where they sit on a line of total awesomeness and severe nerdom. I will use my brother Josh as an example. Josh excels in endurance sports that require most people to train for several months before entering races and competitions. For example, he randomly signed up for a 1/2 marathon. He easily finished with an average 7 1/2 minute mile without 1 day of training or preparation. This my friends, is incredibly awesome. Also, when he found out his racing number was 1984, he decided to dress accordingly. (YES!!)

Now some of you might think that I am going to say that this picture would push him over the line into extreme nerdom....but ironically, I would argue that it pushes his coolness status even higher. A special thanks to my brother for being a great example. Don't take yourself too seriously because (most of the time) you're not really that important anyways. Have a laugh, you'll be a happier and better person.

1 comment:

LJFredricks said...

This is completely Awesome!! I wish I was that cool!


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