Sunday, November 2, 2008

Saturday Halloween Party

Last night Peter and I went to a Halloween costume party hosted by our friends the Bosschers. We all had a great time and even played the dice game! Here is a quick shot of those who were able to make it and their costumes. More pictures are posted on facebook.

Peter (Naval Officer) & Rachel (20's Flapper Girl....or a giant lampshade)

Peter & Matt Haan (Pilot....or Iceman/Val Kilmer from Top Gun)

The Hosts:
Steve Bosscher (Chas Tenenbaum/Ben Stiller from The Royal Tenenbaums)
Lynn Bosscher (Mia Wallace/Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction)

Aaaarrgg! There be Pirrrrrates at this Parrrrrty!
Dan Meyering & fiancée Rebecca Reames
*Dan had black nail polish on all ten fingers!*

The Feenstras
John (cowboy) & Lindsay (a pregnant woman)

After Lindsay "had her baby" her costume included baby announcements and pictures of her newborn.

The VanderKoddes
Tricia (construction worker) & Kyle (P.E. teacher)

Michelle Louters (flight attendant)
Her costume was complete with a cart loaded with peanuts, crackers, and beverages!

Jeremy Louters (Justin Timberlake in SNL parody "Dick in a Box")

The VanTimmerens - Newlyweds!
Scott (Hula Man...or woman) & Jen (GB Packers Player)

Ba Orao (Fisherman) & Lauren Murphy (Fish)
*Lauren made that hand! It was awesome*

John Feenstra & Kristin Ekkens (cowgirl)
*Dave Ekkens was also in attendance, but he ummm....left his costume at home in his closet*

Steve & Luke Ekkens (giraffe)

Luke was especially fascinated by Scotty's coconuts. Sorry Luke, no milk in those!


Christie and Jeremy said...

Love your blog Rachel! I'm going to add to my list of blogs to keep up with. Fia and Stella are beautiful!

benilhalk said...

Amazing Halloween day! Attended couple of musical shows at event halls for rent in our city. The areas covered by wonderful lighting looks amazing at night. Also the staff services and hosting is kind. Liked the facilities provided to all the guests. I suppose this would be a great place to have our painting exhibition.


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