Sunday, November 2, 2008

Saturday Halloween Party

Last night Peter and I went to a Halloween costume party hosted by our friends the Bosschers. We all had a great time and even played the dice game! Here is a quick shot of those who were able to make it and their costumes. More pictures are posted on facebook.

Peter (Naval Officer) & Rachel (20's Flapper Girl....or a giant lampshade)

Peter & Matt Haan (Pilot....or Iceman/Val Kilmer from Top Gun)

The Hosts:
Steve Bosscher (Chas Tenenbaum/Ben Stiller from The Royal Tenenbaums)
Lynn Bosscher (Mia Wallace/Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction)

Aaaarrgg! There be Pirrrrrates at this Parrrrrty!
Dan Meyering & fiancée Rebecca Reames
*Dan had black nail polish on all ten fingers!*

The Feenstras
John (cowboy) & Lindsay (a pregnant woman)

After Lindsay "had her baby" her costume included baby announcements and pictures of her newborn.

The VanderKoddes
Tricia (construction worker) & Kyle (P.E. teacher)

Michelle Louters (flight attendant)
Her costume was complete with a cart loaded with peanuts, crackers, and beverages!

Jeremy Louters (Justin Timberlake in SNL parody "Dick in a Box")

The VanTimmerens - Newlyweds!
Scott (Hula Man...or woman) & Jen (GB Packers Player)

Ba Orao (Fisherman) & Lauren Murphy (Fish)
*Lauren made that hand! It was awesome*

John Feenstra & Kristin Ekkens (cowgirl)
*Dave Ekkens was also in attendance, but he ummm....left his costume at home in his closet*

Steve & Luke Ekkens (giraffe)

Luke was especially fascinated by Scotty's coconuts. Sorry Luke, no milk in those!

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Christie and Jeremy said...

Love your blog Rachel! I'm going to add to my list of blogs to keep up with. Fia and Stella are beautiful!


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