Monday, November 24, 2008

Turkey Hats

I have been watching my nephew Henry a few times a week (in the morning) since this past May. It has been lots of fun with him around and his vocabulary seems to double every visit. Sofia loves it because she is a bit older and can take on the leader role. She's the youngest of the preschool aged kids on the other side of the she's usually a follower. Recently, its been a little more crazy now that Stella is mobile and since they are all about 15 months apart....definitely a handful! I usually try to do some sort of craft or organized activity during Stella's morning nap. Today was Turkey Hats. Here are a few pictures from this past summer too.

May 2008 - Playing Connect Four - Pretty sure they didn't understand the game, but flipping the switch and making them fall out was fun.

August 2008 - They loved to color chalk pictures on the fence, deck, stones, trees....pretty much any surface that they could find.
September 2008 - Crowns fit for kings and queens.

October 2008 - Painting pumpkins

November 2008 - Turkey Hats!!

1 comment:

Mandy said...

Those are great hats. I actually had the in my plan of things to do this week with Layne.


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