Monday, November 17, 2008

Where It All Began

I absolutely HATE being frightened. I am a total wuss when it comes to scary movies. I absolutely hate them and can NOT watch them....even if they are pathetic and old....or if the plot line is completely implausible....or if the characters or monsters are 100% CGI. Horror movies are absolutely not an option. Pretty much all Halloween movies (except Charlie Brown: Its The Great Pumpkin) are also not allowed. I also sometimes won't watch suspense/thriller movies or murder mysteries because I can't handle it. I know its silly, but I am incapable of getting images out of my head when I lay down to sleep. I believe this all began in when I was 6 and they showed Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory in school. I had nightmares of this very video clip for months and reoccurring nightmares for years to follow. Yes, make fun of me....its okay.

In my defense....I still think that their orange faces, orange lips, white eyebrows, and green hair are a little scary. I now realize that it was most likely scared because I loved sweets and chewing gum. I was afraid that I was either going to inflate into a blueberry or that those freaky tiny men were going to take me away. Its kind of a valid fear for a 6-year-old.


Momof4 said...

I have the same problem - absolutely cannot get scary images out of my head. When Jeff and I were dating we watched Silence of the Lambs. Rather, he watched it and I had my head buried in his shoulder the whole time. Which was okay, because it gave me an excuse to sit close to him!

LJFredricks said...

2 words. Flying monkeys


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