Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Easy Logic

For a few months I had to keep very close track of my temperature. There were days when I was taking my temp every 1/2 hour. Sofia loved this job. We have a digital thermometer and so she would press the button, put it in my mouth, wait for the final beep, and then read the numbers. It was really quite helpful. Yesterday I told Peter that I wasn't feeling very good and she immediately ran into the bathroom and came back holding up the thermometer yelling "I have yer Mommy-ter!!" She told us it was for mommy and therefore called a Mommy-ter. Peter asked her if daddys had one too and she told him "No, they are only made for mommies."

We didn't feel like correcting her on this one because it just made too much sense. If only everything in life were so logical!!


Anonymous said...

You have the best little girl. I think she takes after her father. Miss you!

Mandy said...

That is a cute story. Aren't kids the cutest!
I have to admit, when your page came on the screen I thought the thermometer was a pregnancy test!

Rach said...

ha ha! Goodness no! I need to get healthy before we even start thinking about more kids....but another baby right now would be in stride with our baby-timing luck.


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