Sunday, December 28, 2008

Family First

Peter has encouraged my blog from the beginning as it gives me an outlet to express my pet peeves (yes, I have many) and keep an online journal of sorts.  Sometimes he likes to tell me "Its like you have a friend!"  Blogging has become an "addiction" of mine and I find myself eager to do several posts a day.....pace yourself Rach....pace yourself.   

I've been away for several days because my family health status got worse.  More fevers, ear aches, coughs, and vomit.  We finally brought Fia to the ER on the 24th with a ongoing temp of 104.5  It was a terrible experience.  They did chest X-rays, urine samples, and took her blood.  They didn't find anything.  But tonight my father-in-law (who is a physician) listened to her lungs and definitely heard something in her lungs.  He spoke with her Pediatrician and they both concluded that she has pneumonia.  Poor baby, she is exhausted.  Hopefully now we can give her the right meds and she can start to feel better.  

Stella is also still not doing well.  She has a double ear infection and the antibiotics don't seem to be helping.  She too has high fevers and coughing fits that send her into spurts of vomiting....awesome.  On the flip side....she is now the cuddliest baby alive.....a totally 180 from her normal behavior.  I hate that she is visibly uncomfortable and in pain, but I will admit that I LOVE that she just wants me to hold and cuddle her.

There are so many things I want to post about in my blog, but caring for my family has occupied my time and energy.  The past 2 weeks have been sleepless nights filled with coughing, fevers, and vomit.  We just moved our clan over to my in-laws to get extra help from Pati as the lack of sleep is taking its toll.  On the positive side....all vomit has forced me to wash the sheets, clothes, and blankets several times a day.

I pray we all get healthy before the new year.  


Dave and Sandy Hop said...

Awh, Rach, I hope you guys feel better and SLEEP well soon! If you need anything- kids relief or dinner, etc, please call!

baorao said...

wow, that sounds like a nightmare. If you need a night off from cooking I am sure Lauren and I would be willing to bring some food by the house.


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