Friday, December 19, 2008

Friends, Trillium, & Christmas

Peter has always been interested in real estate development. He has worked for two local real estate developers and has always talked about being involved in a development company with some friends. So Peter, Dan Meyering, and Kyle VanderKodde created Trillium Ventures MSV. To say they sacrificed many late hours and hard work to get it started seems like gross understatement. I am very proud of all three men and look forward to 2009. Last weekend, we all went out for a dinner date to celebrate 3 things: Friendship, Trillium, and Christmas.

The Men of Trillium:
Peter Sheldon, Dan Meyering, Kyle VanderKodde
The Wives of Trillium:
Tricia VanderKodde, Rebecca Reames (fiancee), Rachel Sheldon
When I mentioned that they put in lots of late hours and hard work.....I wasn't kidding. Their first 4-unit was a real fixer-upper....some serious sweat equity. They did their own drywall, painting, floors, bathrooms, kitchens, and even a new roof. Here is a before/after picture of just one of the rooms....hardly recognizable.
What excites me most about Trillium Ventures is that Peter is finally involved in something he is both interested in and passionate about. I believe the same is true for his partners. God has blessed us in 2008.

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