Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fun With Boxes

About 3 weeks ago our friendly neighbor Tammy bought a new dryer and felt the gigantor box should not be wasted. So she called me up and asked if I was interested....uhhhh.....YEAH!!! Make a door, cut a few windows, secure it with duct tape.....and we have ourselves a playhouse....fit for anyone who's sister is also his baby's mama. Awesome. No but seriously....Fia loved it. She brought in a stool (table) and reading chair and used it as a reading house for several weeks....even though Stella terrorized her neatly stacked books on an hourly basis. Other uses included a kitchen, a terrible hide & seek spot, a fort, and an escape from Stella....which was not effective as Stella just shook the entire box like the big bad wolf. After 3 weeks of fun, we've finally decided that we must retire the box and reclaim the space in our tiny apartment. Thanks again Tammy!!


kasey said...

I see you stopped by my site...weird cause I always have your site up! I like the "radio" station on here :) GOOOD pics rach. I'm on the dave matthews band Christmas song...niiiiccceeeeeee :)

kasey said...

hahaha...yes you can copy...I copied from someone else's blog! It really is crazy funny.


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