Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Stella!

Stella Patricia Sheldon

Born: December 30, 2007
Time: 3:30pm
Weight: 8.02 ounces
Length: 20 inches

Stella was the Christmas gift of 2007....also our blessed tax break. She was due January 4 of 2008, but I was very ready to have her when I did. During the last 2 months of my pregnancy a terrible respiratory infection sent me into coughing fits...which ultimately dislocated my bottom right and left ribs....ouch. Nothing you can take. I was huge, hormonal, still working, and miserable.

Stella Fun Facts:
Eye Color: brown (finally)
Hair Color: brown...but still waiting for the rest to grow in
Name: Peter's great aunt Stella & Peter's mother Patricia
Disposition: Easily the happiest baby on earth.....always smiling
Nicknames: Stell-Bell, Stell-Stell, Little Star, Little One
Words: Mama, Dadda, Aaaaghhh!! (She mostly says the last one)
Favorite Pastime: Climbing!!! Headbutt-ing people
Favorite Bedtime Item: White fluffy blanket with satin trim 
Favorite Person: Sofia!! Always smiles for Fia & tries to keep up
Favorite Food: She eats just about anything, but loves cookies!!
Favorite Toy: Cooking utensils, old infant Tylenol bottles, and remotes
Tooth Count: 2 on bottom (middle), 2 on top (fangs....she looks like Dracula!)

- Began smiling and laughing very early (5 weeks)
- Rolled over (3 1/2 months)
- Sat up (by herself) & crawled in the same week (about 6 months)
- Started walking (10 1/2 months)


Still in the womb....about 3 1/2 months developed....did I mention that pregnancy turns me into an ugly and very angry green monster.

1 Day Old - Where is her hair?!? Blue eyes?!? What's going on? She looks almost exactly like Peter's baby pictures....I will have to tell people she is not adopted.

The day she came home from the hospital....the days she was a great sleeper....not so much anymore.

March 2008 - 3 months - So pretty!

April 2008 - 4 Months - Meeting with Grandma Feyen

May 2008 - 5 Months - The happiest baby ever....eyes still not brown

July 2008 - 7 Months -  No YOU Stop!!
September 2008 - 9 Months - Gotta love her dimples

October 2008 - 10 Months - Stella Bella Bumble Bee....oh, the things we do for free candy

October 2008 - 10 Months - This face summarizes Stella's personality
November 2008 - 11 Months - Climbing is a favorite....actually I think danger is more an accurate assessment of her favorite things

November 2008 - 11 Months - More Climbing

December 2008 - 12 Months (almost): She only wants to do what Fia does....good thing Fia is such a great sister and a great example

December 2008 - Just loves to be tickled

Stella has brightened our lives with her never-ending cheery disposition and ever-moving feet.  I can't believe she is already 1 year old....how time slips through our hands without us even knowing.  Unfortunately she is sick on her first birthday so we will have to post-pone the silly birthday hats and cake-face-smashing till next week. We love our Stell-Bell!!


kasey said...

love the prego picture! Made me laugh. Sorry your family is sick! Feel better soon!!

Lesley said...

Happy Birthday Stella! Sorry we have to reschedule your party!

Momof4 said...

I didn't realize Stella and Clayton share a birthday! He turned 11 on the 30th, only he was due on Dec. 22, was 6 lbs 12 ozs, 19 inches and arrived at 12:11 am. Hope Stella had a great day; I think Clayton did!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that I missed Stella's birthday on the Feyen list. I must have grabbed an outdated list. :-(
I hope you have fun celebrating when she feels better!! Aunt Judy


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