Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Illusions of Good Luck

The other day I was driving around trying to find a parking spot somewhat close to the door as it is snowing and I have 2 kids....not to forget that I will soon have two kids plus groceries. I pull around the corner and my heart leaps to the sky....Am I actually going to be one of those people who gets the close spot right next to the handicap spots? I wheel around to make a wide turn (yes, I have a van) into the spot and....what?!?....another car has stolen my excitement and turned it into fiery anger.

Why oh why, stupid short compact cars, do taunt me by not being visible? Everytime I wanna say "Yes! Things are comin' up Rach....awesome to be me right now!" my dreams turn into torment as my illusions of good luck reveal a bitter reality. Sorry Rach, you will have to park in Row Z, spot 14.

So, if you are the owner of such vehicles....do the world a favor and don't pull up so far when you park! Then you won't have guilt of ripping away the joy of finding a great spot from other unsuspecting drivers. Thank you, that is all.

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baorao said...

I hate that too. I don't even bother going past halfway to the store anymore. I just park at the first available spot and the end of the line (assuming I'm approaching from the back of the parking lot). I figure I can either spend that 20 seconds driving around trying to find a spot, or walking the extra distance. either way I'm probably going to get to the store at the exact same time.

I bet thats not so easy with two small children in the winter.


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