Sunday, December 14, 2008

Like Mother Like Daughter

Sofia always likes to remind me that singing is "not my gift". It's true, I can't hold a tune and have no intonation. Well....turns out she has inherited my singing inability. She loves to sing books to me. I sway back and forth as if I'm dancing, but I am really trying to muffle my laughter. But then it occurred to me that perhaps this is what I sound like.


Mandy said...

She sounds like Celine Dione! I have the same problem with singing. I won't even sing at church! Her singing is so cute. I think it is okay to sing out of tune until you are at least 10.

kasey said...

yep...memories of us when we were 5 came-a-floodin back in my brain. She is your daughter.

Anonymous said...

I am laughing out loud and I can't stop!! I can picture you dancing around trying not to show her how much you are laughing:) Freaking hilarious. - Megan

melissa diekema said...

I am a terrible singer, too... and so is Myah. When she was little, we had the same problem you do - trying so hard not to bust out laughing - it was just so hard to listen to it! LOL!
Sofia is so cute that it makes up for it ;)


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