Friday, December 12, 2008

Lose Lose

This was originally posted on my friend Ba's blog...and now I am copying him and posting it on mine. Its absolutely hilarious.

I started thinking about the validity of this video. Every man (I'm sure) at one point of his life has been in the doghouse. I feel bad for men when it comes to gift giving. Expectations are always high.....even if the woman says the opposite.

WOMAN: "No really....I don't want anything big or special...don't worry about it" or worse "Don't get me anything at all"

TRANSLATION: Please (you better) surprise me with something I will be silently devastated by a random non-thoughtful trinket and probably cry myself to sleep as I convince myself that I am married (or dating) someone who does not think the world of me.

Women have almost no pressure at all. Even if our gift is terrible (and sometimes we know it is) then we always have the option of saying the man is "insensitive" and doesn't care about the gift.... so they lose....twice. First, they are stuck with a crappy gift. Second, now they are in trouble because they didn't love it. Men are faced with this constant pressure to exceed expectations during holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines, etc. And even if they do a good job during these times....woman can always throw out "Why don't you ever get me something (or do something) special for no reason at all?" It is a lose/lose situation.....sorry.

Side Note: If you are a man and think you want to use gift giving unfairness as an argumentative tool against women...then I would suggest you hold your tongue as this would not be a wise choice. Not only will you most certainly be sent to the doghouse....but you make yourself a target to estrogen-enraged open fire by all womankind about topics such as childbirth, menstruation, and weight gain. So don't do it.

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