Saturday, December 6, 2008

Pet Peeve #16

Quiz Time!
Please read the question & find answers below picture

When you see this, you think.....

A. Awesome! Sledding, snow forts, snowball fights....let's go!!

B. Brrrr....warm blanket, hot cocoa, and Christmas movies!!

C. Perfect! I'll grab my running shoes and go for a jog!

Answers: Both A & B are appropriate.

People who are delusional enough to think that jogging in blizzards constitutes as a good time or even a good idea deserve to get the flu or at least a horrible cold.

On my way home from Pati's house this morning I saw three people jogging in blizzard conditions. They all looked completely miserable and I felt no sympathy. I don't think myself to be an unreasonable person. I just ask for people to use common sense. If snow is falling down at such a rate that a runner's tracks are completely covered up 10 feet behind them, then its time for the overdue light bulb to flicker on. Go home and do some indoor squats.


kasey said...

I just blew the more horrendous laugh when I read the a, b, and c options...ohhh, funny.

kasey said...

*most...not more.

Anonymous said...


LJFredricks said...

What is worse is the people who seem to like to run in the street when there is a perfectly clear side walk right there. Then you have to pause traffic until they run their cold skinny butts past the parked cars. i totally agree with you on this one.

Rach said...

Yes! Sidewalks are great and I'm glad tax dollars pay for them to NOT be used.

melissa diekema said...

well, if people would shovel their sidewalks, I would be HAPPY to use them...ecstatic, actually!


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