Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tis the Season

I hate complaining about colds, but our entire family has been sick for over a week. We just can't seem to get better. We've got ear aches, sore throats, sores in our mouths, hives, fevers, eye infections, sinus infections & drainage, and coughs. I hate calling the doctor for common cold, but after this long I finally gave in. Last week I finally brought both Stella & Fia in to see their Pediatrician to get some antibiotics. I think we (me & the girls) are finally all starting to come out of it. Peter, unfortunately, might be a day or two behind. We have all this medicine out on our counter and I decided to take a picture because we look like a local pharmacy. I had to keep a journal to track who was taking which medicines at what time. I'm pretty sure we'll all be 100% by Christmas. Tis the season!


kasey said...

I asked Chris if we could have more babies...he said a definite no. oh well! I'll ask him in another 6 months.

sampstar said...

you would go to Rite Aid...thanks for not supporting CVS.


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