Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Behind The Badge

For those of you who are not cool enough to immediately recognize the badge to the left.....DC United is one of the teams in MLS (Major League Soccer). Peter's cousin, Kyle Sheldon, works for DC United and to his dismay has seen our support for the Chicago Fire and decided this was a problem. Just before Christmas a surprise package arrived at our doorstep. Kyle outfitted our entire family with DC United gear...awesome. I hope this does not crush Peter's dream of Fia being his little Fire fan....but as she is only 3 1/2, owning her own jersey has had quite an effect....definitely grounds for a team loyalty switch.

Kissing the badge baby! (

Our DC United family. Yes I put a ridiculous white bow on Stella's almost bald head because otherwise she really looked like a boy. And yes, Peter's facial hair is red while the hair on his head is brown....a genetic trait & shout out to Grandpa Rusty!

This is only a few seconds, but I'm glad I caught it. Sorry Peter, but this is awesome.

Thanks again Kyle for helping make our family a little cooler.


Kyle Sheldon said...

Awesome! You guys look great!

I think I might have converted the older one! Now, I just need to get them to a Fire-United game sporting their new gear!

Lauren Sheldon said...

I love it! For the record Rachel I have never receieved a box full of DC United goodies... you think my direct relation and last name would at the very least get me at least a scarf :) Not so much.....DC UNITED!! Well done Fia.

melissa diekema said...

ohhh... The Diekema family is very jealous!!!!!


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