Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cake Face

Stella is finally feeling better so last night we celebrated her 1st birthday...mostly for the purpose of her gorging on cake & of course....smashing it in her face. As predicted, she happily and easily accomplished these tasks without objection.

I wanted to make cupcakes, but didn't have the I was forced to make this terribly ugly cake....only I would care about this irrelevant detail.

Shove it in!! Love those big brown eyes

I typically refrain from giving her any object with sharp edges as she has proved herself to be she was ecstatic to have a fork. Please take note of the frosting in her hair.....and no, I have not given her a bath yet.

Again, the happiest baby alive

I wish every child reacted this way when they receive clothing.

1 comment:

Momof4 said...

Such a doll! What fun she must be (and I know, probably a little exhausting too, I have one like that!) Happy delayed birthday Stella!


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