Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Exception

I'm not impressed with many of the men in Hollywood these like Matthew McConaughey who have grossly chiseled muscles and less body hair than me. I am drawn to a more rugged man and find handy men very attractive. There is, however, one exception to my general rules of attraction.....David Beckham. I think I excuse his prettiness with his athleticism. Whatever the reason, I always give his pictures an extra few seconds of my time.
Okay, even if you are male...can you deny his good looks?


tric said...


LJFredricks said...

Too funny and I completely disagree. Too much ink for my taste. I think you just like him for the soccer! It has been so long since anyone in hollywood has looked good to me, i must be middle aged or something!

Sarah Geelhoed said...

it's the smile....if he had a gut, i'd still be mesmerized but his face!!

Lesley said...


Kyle said...

I cannot disagree. I've seen him within a few feet and he's even better in person.

PS - I like girls.


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