Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Love Lists

  • I love to make lists.
  • I make lists for the point of being counterproductive.
  • I hate messy lists.
  • I write things on my list that I've already accomplished so I can cross it out.
  • I always use check marks, dashes, or numbers for itemization...these dots annoy me.
  • Peter always uses a cross for list itemization & it so bugs idea why.
  • I will make sub-lists within my lists.
  • I always make a grocery list & almost always forget it.
  • I hate lists on unlined paper.
  • I cross off items with 1 simple line through the word(s) so I can still read it.
  • I am still VERY forgetful, despite my list-making skills.
  • I like lists in consistent handwriting.
  • I just made a list about lists....I have no life.

    Lesley said...

    me too, me too, me too!!

    Carrie and Aaron said...

    Rachel...You are not alone in this list making world! I could agree with everything you wrote. Here's one that I do though. Let's say I have a "to do" list and I do something extra that I did not put on the original list. Well, I will add the completed task to my "to do" list, just so I can CROSS IT OFF! Call it OCD, call it crazy, but I LOVE LISTS too!

    Anonymous said...

    Rachel that is so funny. I need like 30 minutes in the morning to make my list neat. Sometimes I write a quick sloppy list to make sure that I have everything then I take the time to rewrite the list so that it is neat. My list making just before car trips is pretty much insane but hey I am more productive and fulfilled that way.

    LJFredricks said...

    LOVE IT! I make lists of what I need to make lists of. Then the kids want in and if they color on my list I make it over again. Also If I get my housecleaning list 3/4 of the way done I remake the list but I SAVE the other list so that I can see what I have accomplished. Ahh, I feel like making a list right now!

    Rach said...

    Yes! I too make drafts of lists...the 1st draft is allowed to be messy (meaning that Peter may contribute with his terrible penmanship) but the final draft must be written by only me.

    Dave and Sandy Hop said...

    Oh my Rachel, we really are similar in many ways! I'll also take one task (i.e. laundry) and put it into two or three lines...
    1. wash towels
    2. Fold towels
    3. Put towels away.
    This I do just to be able to cross three things off! Dave doesn't read my lists, he just sees things crossed off. The more that's crossed off, the more productive he thought it was!

    kasey said...

    hahahha...the last one tickled me silly.


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