Sunday, January 4, 2009

Meet Me Under The Kissy-toe

Fia is always making us laugh. I meant to post this earlier....but our family got sick.

We had all our Christmas decorations out this year and made our place look like a Pre-school. My favorite decoration is the mistletoe because it gives me an excuse to get extra kisses. Fia loved to stand under it and yell out to me "Mom.....I'm standing under the kissy-toe and I'm waiting for you!!"

I have two sister-in-laws that are pregnant and Fia likes to talk about when she is going to have a baby in her tummy. A couple weeks ago she said "But mommy......I can't have a baby in my belly because I don't have big hips like you!" Awesome....glad you noticed....thank you Fia.

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Anonymous said...

This might be my favorite post. So cute. - Megan


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