Sunday, January 11, 2009

The List Begins

It recently occurred to me that there are a lot of commercials that I can't stand. They taunt me like an itch in the center of my back that I can never reach. I guess what baffles me most is that in order for any product or service to make it all the way to air time...the original idea has to pass several different committees of people that collectively agree it's a great idea and then give it a thumbs up for funding.

So I decided that I will start a list of horrible ideas that made it all the way to commercial stardom. I begin my list with the useless Charmin Bears. First of all, bears don't use toilet paper....and the whole concept just seems very contrary to society's latest "green" environment obsession. Second of all, why on earth would cartoon bears wiping their butts convince me to switch to Charmin? This cub has bits of toilet paper stuck to his rear....should this be a cute souvenir of poor wiping and remnants of his last bathroom break? Am I supposed to giggle and say "Oh, look at that cute bear sitting on a tree branch wiping his butt." It only makes me bears perch themselves on high tree branches to have bowel movements? Just a terrible idea on so many levels.

What is most frustrating is that we actually use Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper....but I can assure you that it is NOT because of the stupid mascots. I have proactively tried switching brands because of these bears, but as toilet paper is a product to which I place extra high value....I have been forced to surrender myself to Charmin's senseless bears.


kasey said...

Quilted Northern! Charmin always leaves dust floating around everywhere. I just read the last few posts you put up. Love all of them...especially where Fia said she can't have kids because she doesn't have those birthing cute.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your comments and would also like to add how disgusting it is when that damn bear walks around with the TP stuck to his ass. . . dude, that is poo paper stuck to your ass. Irritating. - Megan


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