Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rachel's Declaration

I love office supplies. I love almost all paper products. I always prefer to browse the journal/stationary section at Barnes & Noble....rather than actual books with information that might enhance my intellectual knowledge. I even enjoy August because I find myself curiously rummaging through random "Back to School" supplies.

I have, however, a love/hate relationship with Post-it notes. They were invented by a guy named Art Fry whose idea came after attending a seminar on a "low-tack" reusable pressure sensitive adhesive. His purpose was to create sticky bookmarks for his hymnal....a great idea. While they are a wonderful invention that come in a variety of super fun colors, shapes, & sizes....they have also become the bane of my office supply obsession.

Aside from bookmark usage, I believe Post-it notes should be used for jotting down insignificant information that is handy for short term use. If you have important information, then write it somewhere safe....not on a mildly sticky 2 x 2 piece of paper.

Discarding old Post-it notes is just as important. I have a serious problem with Post-it clutter.....ugh....when they seem to linger & grow like a contagious disease all over your computer & work area....these pictures make me tense.

Rachel's Declaration:

Rachel Sheldon shall not be held responsible for any & all information written on Post-it paper. In addition, any random post-it notes lingering on her workspace, counter tops, automobiles, or general living area shall be considered dispensable information & subsequently discarded. Furthermore, this declaration should excuse her from future arguments about lost phone numbers, addresses, important names, emails, etc. Whew! I feel so much better.

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