Monday, January 19, 2009

Taking Pictures

I love games. Fia and I play games almost everyday. Some of our favorites include Chutes & Ladders, Trouble, & Go Fish. I will admit that occasionally I allow her a win....but as I think it's important to learn about losing....she only wins about 50% of the time. The other day we played memory. She absolutely destroyed me! It's not like she got lucky either. She knew exactly where each piece was after only seeing it once. It was embarrassing.

Perhaps she has a photographic memory like my sister-in-law Lesley. Lesley always nonchalantly explains "oh, I just take pictures in my head." Of course, so simple....why didn't I think to use such easy methods of information retention. Well Lesley....not everyone can just take pictures. It's not like setting your clothes out the night before to save time. After this game of memory, I think that Fia may be one of the select few who posses this coveted ability to simply take mental pictures. I'm so jealous.

This is our game. Fia's matches are lined on the right....yes, curving around the table. My pathetic nine matches are on the left.

Final Tally: Mom (10 matches), Fia (the rest)


Momof4 said...

Rachel, I think your problem was the Dora cards. Try using ones with David Beckham's picture on them and see who wins!

Lesley said...

Go Fia! I think I may need to take her on! :)


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