Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bad Idea #2

About a month ago I started a list of what I think are bad ideas. My list began with the senseless Charmin Bears. Item #2 on my list is the Tax Masters spokesman. If there is ever a face for radio....this is the guy. Which Tax Masters marketing genius thought THIS should be the face to represent the company? Okay, I'm being too harsh. So not everyone can be blessed with Hollywood close up features, but for some reason this guy just makes me nauseous. In addition to stellar looks, he somehow manages to make absolutely no facial movement or expression whatsoever throughout the entire commercial. While I do appreciate that he does not yell at me like Billy Mays....why can he not at least attempt a fake smile? He is an actor. What's worse is that they now feature this commercial in HD....just a bad idea.

1 comment:

baorao said...

I have this same problem whenever Mario Batali gets picked on Iron Chef.


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