Sunday, February 8, 2009

God's Sky

I was going through some older photos & came across these. Peter & I used to live in Newaygo at his parents place on the Muskegon River. On one of our drives out there this is what we saw. I have no idea how one would explain the scientific optics of this display of light & color, but it was just amazing. I guess God just likes to have a little Bob Ross fun & continue to display his awesome power.


Momof4 said...

Gorgeous! That's the kind of sky that makes you feel small and very human - as opposed to our all powerful God! By the way, is Bob Ross the painter with the really poofy hair?

Rach said...

Yes Charity!! Bob Ross was the poofy haired genius that painted nature scenes. He came on after Sesame Street. He was nothing short of one of the coolest men ever.

baorao said...

Did you know they have Bob Ross painting classes at either Michael's or Hobby Lobby? If I weren't terrible at art I might consider attending.


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