Friday, February 27, 2009

The Hair Stylings of Fia

Sofia was born with LOTS of hair. It was everywhere. It covered her head, ears, & back. Her first hair cut was when she was 6 months old & I've been giving her occasional trims since. Fia is patient & sits very still while I fidget with her hair every morning. She usually doesn't care how I style it, so long as its out of her face. I decided to compile a collection of her many hair styles. They are in rough categories:

1. Baby Hair
2. Pony Tails
3. Braids
4. Textures
5. Head Ornaments

This is the day she was born. Her hair already covers most of her ears.

Afro Hair & Bedhead Hair

Static Hair & Bathtub Spike

1/2 Pony on Top & 1/2 Pony on Side

Pig Tails Up & Pig Tails Down

Pony Tails Straight Out & 3 Pony Tails

1/2 Pony Tails(s)

Single Pony Up & Single Pony Down

Continuous Pony Tail(s)

Single Bun Down & Bowtie Bun Up

2 Buns Up & 2 Buns Down

3 Buns & 4 Buns

Single Braid Up & Single Braid Down

Fish Tail Braid & Flower Girl Braids

Double Braids Up & Double Braids Straight Out

Double Braids Down & Pocahontas Braids

French Braid Headband & Single French Braid

Dutch Girl Braids & 4 Dutch Girls Braids

Braid Crown & Princess Laya Braids

3 Braids & 4 Braids

Mommy's Creation #1 & Mommy's Creation #2

Mommy's Creation #3 & Crazy Hair Day @ Vacation Bible School

Down & Side Barrett

Soft Curls & Spiral Curls

Tight Ringlets & Crimpy Curls

Hot Rollers & Old Lady Curlers

Various Hats


Momof4 said...

Um, WOW! I can't even get my girls to let me put a barrette in their hair, let alone all those different styles. She must not only have great hair to work with, she must also sit still for you and not scream like you're trying to pull each and every hair out by its roots. The double braids up might be my favorite.

Lesley said...

I still don't know how you have time to do that. That is amazing. You could write a book just about hairstyles. I can't even come up with anything that interesting. I'm starting to feel more motivated though. Crazy how Stella has no hair...good thing you don't have to do both of them, or you would never get out of your house. :)

the deKorne family said...

ok seriously. not fair. i ventured out and tried pigtails and the part was totally crooked and they stuck straight out and when i took out the rubberband i also took 1/3 of my daughters hair. i guess they made alligator clips for lazy moms of mullets like me.

Mandy said...

I'm impressed with all of the different hair styles. Layne has a ton of hair too, and actually lets me style it (if that's what you can even call it). I'm jealous of your braiding skills. I can do a basic braid and that's it.
It's my fear that someone will say to Layne, "Oh, did you daddy do your hair today?" and she would tell them that no, her mommy just doesn't know how to do hair.

Andy and Renee Kolzow said...

All I can say is OH MY GOODNESS! No wonder your girls always have adorable hairstyles every Sunday I see much practice! You seriously need to share some hair tips for doing hair on a not-so-patient kid! It's always a big production getting a pony in Cami's hair...I could use some advice!


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