Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day, Love Sofia

Sofia and I did a 4-day homemade Valentines Day project. She made Valentines for all her cousins & a few other select people that she chose. This is the first project that she did almost all by herself. Maybe this is why is took 4 days. I took a few pictures to show our progress & so that she could remember it.

She cut about 30% of the hearts.
But she 100% of the glue.

Write message.
She is writing the letter "U" if you couldn't tell from her mouth.
And then glitter - easily her favorite part.

The finished Valentines - let em dry overnight.

Stuff envelopes.
Licking envelopes is yucky, so tape was better....and way more fun.
Then stickers.

Rice crispy treats for her cousins at school.
She only ate 1 marshmellow...okay maybe 2.
Pink sprinkles to make them festive.

Wrap em.
Lucky that my saran wrap was red.
Tie em.

The finished product.

Ready for delivery!

We went to school today to deliver them & so she could tell her cousins that she loved them. It was very rewarding for her & I could tell that she enjoyed handing them out even more than making them. The best part is that I only spent $.97 on marshmellows at Aldi. The rest of the supplies were on hand.


aunt elaine said...


You are amazing! Keep up the good work as mom and wife! You are teaching the girls so much!

aunt elaine

Michael Feyen said...

Soooo CUTE!

Lesley said...

very yummy I might add...thanks for all the hard work. The kids loved it!!! (so did I... :) )

kasey said...

i wanna be a mom like you!!!!!


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