Thursday, February 5, 2009


Process of Events:
- Stella occasionally plays with mascara big deal.
- Either Stella or Fia puts mascara into Stella's crib.
- Bumper stealthily hides mascara from Rachel's sight.
- Rachel puts Stella down for nap & shuts door.
- Stella is quiet.
- Rachel lets Stella sleep.
- Rachel goes in room to wake Stella up.
- Stella is asleep.
- Stella found hidden mascara, opened it, & quietly made a huge mess.

I knew she would eventually figure out how to open that thing. I should have never let her play with it to begin with. Sweet Rach....sweet.


Momof4 said...

Rach, isn't Stella holding your mascara in her hand in that picture 2 posts ago of her by the blinds? Oh, the things our kids get their hands on. Nice to know you were blessed with one for whom the phrase was coined "never a dull moment."

Rach said...

Yes, you are correct. Stella totally has the mascara in the picture of her destroying the blinds. I took it away from her when I put her down & I think Fia picked it up later.

baorao said...

Reminds me of this:

kasey said...


melissa diekema said...

oh my.. that stella!


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