Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me Monday

I am totally copying my cousin-in-law Charity VL...who copied MckMama's blog with a Not Me Monday. I think it's a great idea because reading others' Not-Me's not only makes me feel better, but also makes me laugh. MckMama's idea is this....

"Let's take our not-so-proud moments and spin them around in a delightful therapy session, shall we? This kind of therapy is free, funny, and oh so refreshing. That's right: It's time for Not Me! Monday! Being brutally honest, and living to tell about it."

I did not lecture Sofia about eating healthy breakfasts, give her yogurt & cheerios, drop her off at school, & return home & have cookie dough & diet coke for my own breakfast. I would never do that because that is so hypocritical.

I did not tell Sofia that only daddy's know how to build forts & to wait till daddy got home if she still wanted to play in one.

I did not let Stella run around our freezing cold house in her birthday suit for 20 minutes & laugh at her cute baby butt cellulite.

I did not take out the batteries of the most annoying toy in the world & tell my girls that it broke.

I did not wait two extra days to bathe my girls because they were going to stay at their Nona's house so I could let her do the child washing.

I did not tell Sofia that quiet time involved quiet activities such as reading & coloring & then spend the next 30 minutes talking loudly on the phone.

I did not hide the book "That's Not My Dinosaur" from Stella because I am so sick of reading it & want her to find a new favorite book. I love reading it 23 times a day (literally) because it is so much fun.

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Momof4 said...

Yay! You did a Not Me - and a hilarious one, too! I can so not relate - I do not ever say to wait until daddy gets home because only he can do that. And it was a Diet Coke, not regular, so you're good there.


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