Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did not promise Sofia that we would make cookies & then hide the chocolate chips while she was in the bathroom so that we were "out of ingredients" & had to wait till tomorrow....that would be dishonest.

I did not promise to iron Peter's shirts, & then throw them in the dryer, hang them while they were still hot, spray with Downy Wrinkle Release & sneak them back in the closet. I love to iron, why would I do such a thing?

I did not tell Sofia that if she doesn't eat her fruit & meat (the healthy foods) that she will get sick and have to go to the hospital again....where they will draw blood & look in her ears. I did not do that because I would be using unrealistic threats to force my child to eat certain cruel.

I did not turn up the volume in the car to drown out Sofia's beautiful singing voice, because singing off key is definitely her gift that she clearly inherited from her mother.

I did not let Stella fuss in her crib for 20 minutes because I knew she woke up early to fill her diaper. No way, I would not knowingly let her sit in a dirty diaper alone in her room because I needed that 15 extra minutes to myself.

I did not tell Stella to go find daddy because daddy loves to read her "That's Not My Dinosaur"...which she did not find hidden in her sock would it get there?

I did not take a short video outside the bathroom door of Sofia singing to her heart's content while she was doing her business in the bathroom because documenting such embarrassing moments is both cruel and unfunny. Sofia will not someday hate me for doing this.


Mandy said...

Those are all very funny! I didn't let Abby sit in her crib either for 20 minutes yesterday fussing!

Momof4 said...

We have That's not my Kitten, my Truck and my Dolly if you want to borrow those and "hide" them! I think the funniest one is hiding the chocolate chips. Did you make the cookies yet?

Rach said...

Yes, we finally made the cookies...only 3 days later. I almost bought That's Not My Bear....but couldn't reason myself to spend $8, when we have a ton of books at home & a zillion more for free at the library.


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