Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stella's Dog Antics

Last summer our friend John Feenstra said "Dude, if Peter were a dog, his tail would always be wagging." Aside from the humorous element, this statement is 100% true. Stella's personality reveals a similar truth. Besides the physical likeness to her father, she has also inherited his disposition....the perpetually (not obnoxiously) happy person. I do not wish to liken my daughter to a canine, but there have been a few times that her antics remind me of a fun-loving dog. These next few clips are my reasoning.

Clip #1 - When Stella first started to walk, she was insistent about toting one specific book....which happened to be 1/2 her size. She didn't care that it weighed her down & made her fall every time. Each time I found her with this book, I would think of my brother's chocolate lab would throw a mid-sized stick into the woods & he would happily & proudly retrieve a small tree. The tree was always way too big & impossible to play with.....but that would be his new choice retrieving stick.

Clip #2 - This reminds me of every dog I've ever known that barks at squirrels through a window....all they can catch it & tear it up. I can't wait to take her to the zoo.

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Mandy said...

Aren't kids too funny!


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