Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Never Learned.....

I have already shared my embarrassing story about my 1st grade reading inability. Summary: I was demoted from the awesome Blue Jay reading group to the average Cardinals...and then subsequently dismissed to the stupid Sparrows. I feel that punctuation and English grammar go hand-in-hand. I am absolutely terrible at spelling, grammar, & punctuation. If computers did not have spell-check...then I would not even dare have a blog. Thoughts of 9th grade bring back terrible memories of failing attempts to graph sentences. I'll even confess that my sentence graphing inabilities brought me to tears on several occasions.

There is something that I do that drives me nuts, but I am unwilling change. When I don't know correct grammatical punctuation.....I use these stupid dots. I really just need to learn to write sentences accurately.....but I've convinced myself that inserting random strings of continuous dots totally excuses me from reader judgment as it clearly displays a gross non-attempt at grammar. So forgive my annoying dots.....I don't really like them either.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

When I read this I just had to have a good laugh, I too use those annoying dots...however, never knew why I was compeled to. Now I understand it has also been my filler for proper grammer. Brightest blessing to you and your family!


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