Monday, March 2, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not feed Stella Poptarts in the van on the way to school because I am too lazy to wake her up earlier & feed her a more nutritious Poptarts are filled with essential nutrients, fiber, & wholesome grains and are not basically frosted sugar cookies. I do not do this twice a week.

I did not accidentally throw away Sofia's oatmeal & macaroni "masterpieces" she made at school. I did not carefully bury them under a large cereal box to be sure she would not find them in the trash. I love all the artwork she makes for me at school, especially the ones that involve glue & food items.

I did not tell Sofia that Jesus does NOT care what you wear to church so put on the white shirt already. I did not insist that she change her red shoes because they didn't match her outfit right after my "Jesus doesn't care about clothes" remark.

I was not late & the very last person to pick up my daughter from Preschool because I was wasting time on Facebook & blogs. This does not happen every day that she is in Preschool.

I did not speed up to a yellow light that was not basically red when I finally went through it....because I was not already speeding. This is Not-Me-Monday comment is not related to the previous one.

I did not set Sofia's alarm clock back because she knows to stay in her room till the first digit on her clock is a 7. I did not learn this trick from my genius sister-in-law.

I do not have a ridiculously long & ongoing "Not Me Monday" list to pick from on my computer because I measure up just like Mary Poppins....Practically Perfect In Every Way. ;o)

I do not overuse sarcasm on a daily basis.


Momof4 said...

I wish I could have heard the "Jesus does not care what you wear to church" remark in person. I laughed so hard at it in print; I can only imagine hearing you say that to Sofia!!

LJFredricks said...

Hilarious, I am guilty of several of those!! I have not told my children that Jesus does not care what they wear to church though I HAVE channelled my mother and yelled at them through clenched teeth. WE... ARE... GETTING.. READY.. TO.. WORSHIP.. JESUS!! GETOFFYOURBUTTSANDLISTENALREADY.
multiple times


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