Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pet Peeve #19

I understand that every person needs an avenue to express it clothing, music, art, hairstyles, etc. One area that I can't stand self expression is the rear window of your car. I hate when people display all sorts of chintzy ornaments, stuffed animals, or unusual oddities in the back window of their car. Why do they feel compelled to become rear window trinket curators? These displays are not cute. They are a pathetic & senseless cry for creativity. Yes, they may have got my attention....but only in the capacity of me assuming one of the following.....they have no friends....they live in cluttered filth....they are foreign....they believe winning the lotto is a realistic option for their financial success.....personal hygiene is not a top priority.....or they are uneducated.

I feel that same way about bumper stickers. I understand having a few. We sported a University of Michigan sticker on our car during the years we attended. But excessive bumper stickers are just annoying. These people also tend to be terrible drivers because they can't see out their own rear window. The only exception is if you own an RV & add a sticker from all the places you have visited.....I think that is cool. But this madness......why?

I especially hate preachy bumper stickers. Yes, they have an do does everyone. Regardless of whether I agree with them.....I don't feel it necessary to instruct people how to live their lives or paste victimized opinions on their car. There are more productive avenues to express freedom of speech. Plus, it just looks tacky.


baorao said...

I saw one the other day that really annoyed me. It said "hOnk if I'm paying your mortgage" and of course the O was the Obama logo.

If I had a ton of money or a really crappy car I would have spun him out just on principle. That whole issue is way more complicated than that.

Momof4 said...

I love it when people have the bumper sticker for our local Christian radio station and/or the "fish" sticker and then drive like absolute maniac jerks. All I can say is, nice testimony.

Dave and Sandy Hop said...

I was actually one of those people, mom of 4. I had a fish on the car, and I did medical I was quite the aggressive driver. Then I thought, perhaps the fish would be better served stuck to my horn. That actually made all the difference!

melissa said...

our neighbors at our first house had all of their cars completely covered with Bible verses and Christian symbols and the name of their church... it was insane... and very embarrassing when they parked in front of our house instead of their house!

Anonymous said...

How can you be a "servant of God" if you're judging people?


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