Thursday, March 12, 2009


I have specific ring tones on my phone for the people who call me the most. This enables me to identify the caller without having to rush to my phone. Yes, I am lazy. I love having fun ring tones, but refuse to pay for them. I also don't have the Mac/iphone combo that allows you to make free custom ring tones. Enter Phonezoo. allows you to make custom ring tones & send them to your phone for free.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Peter & I have unlimited text & picture messages....a very useful feature for Peter to use for his business partners & tenants. Otherwise, I imagine standard text message rates would apply for whatever carrier you use.

Create a free phonezoo account, upload the sound from the music files on your computer, edit what part of the song you want, & then send it to your phone.

To make custom on the "Ringtones" tab & then "Create from File". Upload song from your computer.

Phonezoo uploads the entire song. Then you decide how long & which part of the song you would like to use.

Then click "Save & Send to Phone" on bottom. Phonezoo sends it to my phone....I save the sound...and presto, a new ring tone.

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tric said...

i've been waiting for you to post this!


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