Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rachel's If/Then Statements

If it is not dishwasher safe, then it does not belong in my kitchen.

If special washing instructions such as hand wash or dry clean only, then it has no business in my closet.

If steak, then medium rare.

If dance floor in sight, then dancing all night.

If dangerous to self or those around her, then Stella is already involved.

If you do not have tough times, then you do not fully appreciate good times.

If coffee could be connected to me like at IV, then I would probably do it.

If hummus, then yummus.

If cheaper generic brand(i.e. Spartan, Meijer, etc), then decision is easy.

If Target excursion, then purchasing extra unnecessary items.

If ironing, then 1 gold star per shirt & 1 spousal point per ironing session. (at least)

If salad with low cal dressing, then fat & calories more than compensated with chocolate.

1 comment:

Momof4 said...

I have learned that hand wash/dry clean is possible in the washer on gentle cycle. Haven't ruined anything yet. Lots of Meijer brand on sale this week - 10 items for $10 with 11th free. Yay for meijer brand!


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