Monday, March 16, 2009

Sofia's Not Me Monday

I thought I might give myself a break & let Sofia have a go at Not-Me-Monday this week.

I did not use the top of Stella's head to play Rock/Paper/Scissors. And when mommy asked me what I was doing......I did not use the lame excuse "but she likes it!" even though she was clearly trying to walk away from me & beginning to cry.....I always treat my sister with respect.

I did not snatch my pink glitter purse back from my sister & cause her to fall on her butt & cry. Nope, not me. I am always very gentle, kind, & loving to Stella....and especially love sharing my special things.

I did not dump out the clean laundry, find a pair of my underwear, & put it on Stella's head like a hat. Nope, not me. I never make messes or humiliate my sister.

I did crawl into & almost break a baby toy that was at a stranger's house while my mom walked through it with a Realtor. That would be rude to play with some random kid's toys.

I did not put a huge box on Stella's head while she was sitting nicely reading a book all by herself. I know that such occasions that Stella plays quietly by herself are rare & therefore I would never interrupt.

I did not reach across my car seat & poke my sister in the face over & over again until she screamed from shear irritation & tried to bite me. Nope, not me. I always keep my hands to myself unless I am being helpful.

I did not keep Stella's bucket on top of my head just out of her reach until she flailed her arms & screamed tears of frustration. I love my sister & that would just be mean & cruel.

I did not try to sneak my peanut butter & jelly sandwich on to Stella's plate so that I could be done with mine & finally have my cookie. That would be dishonest.

I did not throw a yellow ball directly at Stella's head over & over again....each time increasing intensity to see how far it would bounce off. That would be mean & abusive.

I did not pretend my dinosaur chicken nugget came to life & was walking off my plate....leaving large grease spots all over the table & place mat. I never play with my food.


Anonymous said...

Our kids must be related! :) I was wondering how in the world you got the picture in the the right time...without getting in an accident! Very Funny!

Rach said...

She does that all the time! We were at a stoplight & I took it with my phone....she felt bad AFTER she saw the picture.

Momof4 said...

Sofia, that just can't be true. You look way too sweet and innocent for all that. I think your mommy must be trying to cover up all her Not Me's! Awesome post, Rach. Can't believe you captured each precious sisterly-love moment!

Christie and Jeremy said...

These are all such great pictures, hilarious that you caught Fia in every moment...Stella is a trooper!

kasey said...



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