Monday, March 9, 2009

Sorting the Madness

I have been very blessed in that I have had to buy almost zero clothes for my girls. A family from our church (the Nanzers) have been giving us boxes upon boxes of clothing since Sofia was born. Their youngest girl was born about 1 year before Sofia...and so they have been donating all the outgrown clothing to us...instead of Goodwill. In addition to the clothing from the Nanzers....Sofia has also inherited clothing (among other things) from her cousin Maggie. Literally....the only items I remember buying are a few packages of onesies & a few bathing suits. It has been nothing short of a true blessing.

Since we've lived in all sort of places...the clothing has been randomly thrown into various bins & dispersed into storage in various places (in-law's house, our closet & our basement). Now that I Stella needs "new" clothing....I have NO clue in which bin to start looking....or at which location. So yesterday I assembled all the bins & started sorting. This is how it began.

This is how it ended. Now I'll be able to find what I need...when I need it. I feel so much better. I feel I should still hang on to everything since I hope to have another baby someday (I am NOT pregnant now) and feel that I am destined to have all girls.

And yes, I am psycho Kate in Jon & Kate Plus 8. If you have not seen that show...then you should watch it. Two parents with 1 set of twins & then sextuplets. It's on TLC in the evening. I don't get cable anymore...but it's awesome.


Momof4 said...

You go girl. Wanna come organize my house? I have stacks and piles all over. I think that's Jeff's #1 pet peeve. I told him there will be no stacks in heaven.

Mandy said...

My bins look like that up until about 24 months... then it gets a little crazy b/c I was sick of buying bins! Hold onto the stuff. I thought I would be done with the girl stuff, but found out yesterday that I will be needing it again in a few months!


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