Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spit up in Style

For the past few years, my baby gift to friends & family has been my homemade "fancy" burp rags. It's really nothing special. Just a package of cloth diapers adorned with cute ribbons. I must also mention that I do not sew. My sewing skills are limited to knowing how to thread my machine & sewing a straight line. Anything that is more complicated is not even attempted.

The last few weeks (or month) I have been working non-stop on a project for St. Mark's Annual School Auction. I went a little farther than my normal ribbon edges & sewed an entire side with soft flannel. I was in way over my took forever. I hope it makes the school some money.

36 total burp rags
8 different patterns
12 sets of 3 (2 are not pictured, I saved them for gifts)

To make my life crazier....I started a 2nd project in the middle of my 1st project. It's a pain to haul out all my sewing if it's coming out....make way for lots of sewing. The other day I found myself in a boutique located two blocks from my apartment called Snapdragon. I'm not gonna lie....they've got some amazingly cute stuff there. Browsing through some of the merchandise....I found myself looking at a small baby blanket that was $50, changing pads for $40, & burp rags that were 2 for $22. The only thing that I could think of was.....I bet can totally make these!

So began project #2......and since the material was so cheap, I made my "deluxe" burp rags even nicer than the ones in Snapdragon. I backed an entire side with terry cloth, used soft minky dot chenille instead of cotton, & finished them with ribbon edges on both the front & back.

I copied the concept of this changing pad from something I saw in the boutique.....but added ribbon edges & used minky dot chenille instead of cotton.

Rolled up for take along convenience

I must note that my craftsmanship is NOT boutique quality. I would give it a C+. I am okay with I am not selling them....and besides.....they are made for spit up, drool, or whatever other baby fluids make their way on to really, do they have to be perfect lines? Either way.....I will award my efforts with an A. The best part was that each burp rag only ended up costing about $2. I can see how they make their money. I am glad my sewing is done. My machine & materials are all back in storage & probably won't return for awhile. Whew!


Judy said...

I am once again, totally impressed. They are adorable!! Since walking into fabric stores gives me hives and should be avoided at all costs your grade would definitely go up to an A++ all around. ;)

Mandy said...

Those are super cute! I love the ones with the minkee. I've been copying you and started making burp cloths for my friends. I started making more for the new baby b/c the ones you made for me lasted two kids and are pretty grubby looking now (both of my kids were BIG spitters)!

LJFredricks said...

So cute Rach!! I am sure they are boutique quality!! I should haul out my machine, although it would just create another pile of something 1/2 done. I guess I will leave it to you

Dave and Sandy Hop said...

Hey Rach! You could totally sell these in a boutique! By the way, my MOPS chapter is having a consignment sale at the end of April- you can consign those- they would be bought up in a heartbeat!

Anonymous said...

Rachel, They are so cute it almost makes me want to have another baby...almost! Great Job! What are you going to do with your surplus?

Rach said...

actually...there was no surplus. Every item had a destination home. I'd rather have it out of my house anyways....we have no storage space!

Babsi said...

WOW Rachey!!!!It´s selfmade????Fantastic:))))


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