Friday, April 10, 2009

Aldi Advocate

Everyone has felt the downside of the terrible economy. Everyone is pinching their pockets a little tighter. I decided to start a new "mini series" about all the ways I choose to save a few $$. I will begin with one of the biggest food savings....Aldi. I have been telling friends & family about Aldi for a while now....but it wasn't until after I did this spreadsheet (yes, I am a nerd) that Peter took notice.

I love to cook. I love to bake. There are various food staples in my kitchen that I do not discriminate. Flour is flour and butter is butter....and so on. I buy all my basic cooking & baking supplies at Aldi because they are so much cheaper. Now, while it may seem like just a few dollars here and adds up. Here is my research. The totals are assuming that you bought 1 of each product.

Basic Baking Staples

Breakfast Foods

- I've never eaten the oatmeal plain, I just make granola bars

Other Random Food Items
- Mostly snacks
- I use the cashews in Chex Mix
- I usually cook/bake with cream cheese

Non Perishables

Shopping Totals (assuming you purchased 1 of each item)

- They don't bag your groceries or even provide bags
- They only accept cash or debit card
- They make you "rent" a cart for $.25
- Not much brand selection
- I wouldn't dare purchase produce

While there are a few cons....I feel the savings definitely outweigh the deterrents. So, if you are like me & don't discriminate against some food items or other random non-perishables like baggies or aluminum foil...then head to Aldi & save some bucks.

Oh, btw....butter is on sale for $1.49 this week. You just can't beat that price. I stocked up because I think I'll use it before 2010.


melissa said...

you know how much I love Aldi!
I do buy the produce... just am super careful about what I buy. The baby carrots are 99 cents a bag. Gala apples are a lot cheaper in the 3lb bag and the small apples are good for the kids. The broccoli is 99 cents. Give the produce a try!
Also, the deli meat in tubs and the sliced cheese (colby jack, swiss, etc) is MUCH cheaper and I like it better than Meijer.

Mandy said...

Your post this morning was great! I used to shop at Aldi, but when Abby was born it got to be a hassle b/c I'd end up having to go to Meijer to buy some items. Well, I went to Aldi this morning and got so much food for like $30. This next comment will show how much of a loser I am: I got so excited when the butter was knocked down to $.49! I stocked up big time on that. I also do buy some of the produce (broccoli and onions). It actually isn't that bad.

Mandy said...

One more random comment. I noticed that it shows I haven't updated in a month. For some reason when I changed my layout it stopped updating others.

jazzcat said...

I see you're a coupon user, so if you haven't found this site, you might want to check it out.
A lot of good info and a printable coupon database.
I've been a coupon queen for many years --saved over $2000 last year (not counting restaurant and craft store coupons!)
Your MIL told me about your blog and I'm loving it! ;) Your girls are adorable.
Terri Sheldon
(aka Aunt Terri)

baorao said...

I bought six boxes of Funfetti cake mix today. SIX!! Because it was more than half off. Two for my Easter Egg/Yellow Bunny Peep cake (provided I have the wherewithal to actually make it this weekend.

The easter cake is a test run on homemade fondant for Fia's Dr. Seuss cake. The other 4 boxes are for that (maybe, we haven't finalized a design yet).

My apologies in advance that the cake part of the cake isn't going to be from scratch.

edenhartigh said...

Great job Rachel. All my kids do Aldi shopping. But what are your granola bars that you make? Love your blog.-aunt elaine

Anonymous said...

I have bought avacado, strawberries, pineapple, bananas, blue berries, kiwi. I have not had any problems. When fresh fruite is in season I am trying to guy organic though.


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