Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Grilled Chicken

My husband is a carnivorous meat-etarian. He prefers meat with every meal & is pretty strict about this diet. For this reason, grilled chicken has become a staple in our house. Peter will eat grilled chicken straight out of the bag as a snack. I like to buy the family size chicken packages (it's way cheaper)....and then grill a ton for the week or freeze it. The chicken preparation is usually the most time consuming part of recipes....so once this is done...you can easily "whip up" a quick meal. Using the grill also eliminates clean up....awesome. There are a lot of recipes that can use grilled chicken....which I will eventually start posting....but this is where is starts.

This is my universal grilled chicken

Start with boneless skinless chicken breast(s).
Butterfly it (cut it in half)
* Cutting it thinner cuts down on grilling time & also allows more surface area for marinade *

Into a ziptop bag
Italian dressing marinade (sometimes I add a touch of soy or brown sugar)

Into the fridge overnight.
Keep it in a dish to avoid cross contamination

Grill time!
1st side @ high heat for 2 minutes
2nd side @ high heat for 2 minutes
Turn grill off (in summer) or to low (in cold weather) & let chicken finish cooking with residual grill heat. Sometimes I move it to the higher grill shelf for the final cooking.

Let chicken rest! (about 10 minutes)
This is important for almost all meat. Always let the meat rest & allow juices to settle. Otherwise you cut it open & all the flavors pour out.

Slice or Dice...you choose
I usually slice

The finished chicken

Into a ziptop bag & ready for recipes, freezer, or eating


baorao said...

The fresh chicken family packs are on sale for $1.79 this week. I think we're going to do shredded BBQ chicken with the leftover BBQ sauce we have from ribs, and chicken salad for lunches this week and probably chicken caesar salads/wraps for at least one dinner.

but yeah, grilled chicken + italian dressing might be the best smell ever.

Momof4 said...

Umm, I am now quite hungry. We actually just grilled chicken last week with mesquite Meijer brand marinade. It was excellent! Love to grill - I mean have Jeff grill - in the summer.

Rach said...

Meijer has a brand called "Value Time"....which is only $1.50 per bottle or something....and if I'm just using it as a marinade...that price is great!

Lesley said...

hey, question...how long to do you leave on the grill after you turn it off ? Is that rest time? 10 min?

Lesley said...

hey, question...how long to do you leave on the grill after you turn it off ? Is that rest time? 10 min?


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