Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hair Accessory Hunt

Sofia was born with head full of glorious & beautiful hair. Over the years she has accumulated.....ummm.....a few barrettes & hair ties from dollar stores, gifts, etc. Sofia & I recently went on a hair accessory hunt & retrieved all the barrettes & pony tail holders lost in random drawers, pockets, cupboards, purses, cars, etc. And then began sorting & organizing. Here is our final result....organized in a wooden paper box.

The combs, brushes, & large clips

Just a few barrettes

Pony Tail Holders
Organized by type....then color.

While I do realize that this is an embarrassing amount of hair accessories....I can happily report that there will be no more rummaging to find matching hair ties & barrettes for the zillion hair styles for Sofia.

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